This committee works to maintain and update our gardens and facilities.


This committee is dedicated to equipping our church family to reach out to those who are newcomers in our community, those who need their faith strengthened, those who have fallen away, and those who have no faith.  Our goal is to encourage and support our members in the endeavor by providing opportunities for them to share their faith with those who are searching or in need. New member seminars are held twice a year to explain the meaning of membership of CCRC.


God made the earth and put us on it with the responsibility of caring for it to the best of our ability.  As Christians, we believe in following Jesus’ teaching of love and spreading His word using our time, talents, and resources.  Stewardship is systematic giving to glorify God and carry out the ministry of Christ both locally and around the world. 


The finance committee is tasked with reviewing, monitoring, and tracking church funds to support the organization. Finance is responsible for maintaining and auditing the church’s financial records, and they make decisions and recommendations that will directly affect the church’s finances.



Fellowship activities encourage a community of friends among our church family members, arranges for gathering in fellowship after the Sunday service.  We gather to enjoy each other’s company, share our busy lives, and celebrate specials occasions.  Refreshments of coffee, tea and treats are provided.  Hospitality also coordinates Lemonade on the Lawn during summer months, Table for Eight, and a Men’s Group.


Employee relations, contracts, and annual evaluations are done annually by the personnel chair.  Monthly staff meetings are held to discuss events, upcoming schedules, and joys and concerns.

Samaritan CARE

We write
Notes of Support & Encouragement

Offer Meals when people go through difficult times

Offering Transportation

Visitation: You will never be alone when going through difficult times.

Memorial & Funeral Reception Services

We send out a Prayer Tree for people in need of prayer

Knitting and Offering Prayer Shawls